Frock Paper Scissors

Last night I attended the launch of the annual QUT publication of Frock Paper Scissors. I collaborated with an absolutely incredible team a while back on this concept and absolutely loved everything about it. I had hoped to make it onto their online section, but never dreamed that my shoot would be chosen to grace the pages of this glossy mag.

So I showed up at the launch and was just loitering at the back, looking stealthily over peoples shoulders when they flicked through the magazine which I was yet to get my hands on. And then I saw it. And keep seeing it. Pages of my work. Five in all. In all their full size beauty and gloss. I think I may have made some kind of excited noise since a few people turned around to look, but I didn’t care because I was just too damn excited.

There is so, so much satisfaction seeing your work in print. Seeing it anywhere is amazing but knowing that your shoot was not only chosen out of a field of many, many extremely talented people and then given one of the largest layouts is incredibly humbling. I have since found out that not only did we managed to nab the coverted large spread, we also are being given an online feature and missed out of the cover of the magazine by the narrowest margin, only due to the fact that the editors wanted something with a little more colour. I am still processing it all really.

So I would love to thank the amazing group of people who made this possible –

Photographer – William Pitt-Thacker

Stylist – Jennifer Short

Hair – Jo O’Brien (an incredible up and coming makeup artist)

And of course, our gorgeous model – Anneliese @ Viviens


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